Emeka Okafor To Join Cleveland Cavaliers?

Emeka Okafor

Cleveland Cavaliers are heavily rumored to sign free agent, Emeka Okafor, 31, in a one-year deal which will see the former UConn Huskie actively commence competition circa mid-season during the NBA 2014-15 regular season; the Houston native missed the entirety of the NBA 2013-14 season due to a severe neck ailment.

Interest around the NBA has remained relatively strong for the defensive-minded center/power forward, with Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat presently being the profound front runners; Emeka Okafor is now recovering from a herniated disk.

Okafor sustained the herniated disk injury during the off-season whilst with Washington Wizards on October 2013, whilst subsequently being traded to Phoenix Suns prior to the NBA 2013-14 season for Marcin Gortat. Phoenix Suns were also subject to use Okafor’s $14.5 million expiring contract in a following deal for Pau Gasol, before ultimately vacillating.

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