Bulls to Amnesty Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer

It’s actually a good time to be Carlos Boozer right now, sure the Bulls have plans of amnestying him but all that means is that he gets $16.8 million and can now go score an additional deal elsewhere. South Beach might even come a calling if they can’t lock down Chris Bosh.

As for the Bulls they need to clear Boozer’s numbers off the salary cap if they are serious about bringing in Carmelo Anthony and Paul Gasol, the latter of which seems like a pipe dream.

The Chicago Sun Times reported the news about Boozer first.

Officially, the Bulls still have several weeks to decide if they want to invoke the amnesty provision for Carlos Boozer.

But they don’t need it.

A source said Wednesday that Boozer’s departure is a “done deal,” adding that Boozer’s camp already has been informed.

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